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Join us in changing the world. 100% of UNITED GROUNDS’ profit goes to helping those in need. With each and every purchase you partner with us in changing lives. Our company is built upon two founding principle:

better coffee, better world.



So, this is how it works...You order your favorite United Grounds coffee, select a cause you would like your purchase to fund and we take it from there. Our United Grounds Nonprofit has teams of people on the ground making sure the job gets done. Feeding families, building projects, education happens and lives are forever changed! Follow us on all social media platforms for updates.


Needless to say, we have a bit of a COFFEE OBSESSION. We are obsessed with sourcing the best coffees and finding the perfect roast profile by grinding, brewing, and discovering all the secrets of the coffee bean. Time and again we thought we had it figured out, only to be baffled a week or two later. Why did the same coffee that was amazing only a few days ago now taste flat and sour? What we learned is: "It doesn't matter how amazing a coffee tastes when you roast it if it's stale when you brew it." Coffee is similar to a carbonated beverage like soda. The moment the natural CO2 and aromas contained within the coffee bean escape you're left with a flat dead tasting beverage.

We found a way to STOP TIME and maintain coffee freshness. Fast forward through 2 years of research and development and Brew Fresh Packaging is a reality. A proprietary process of removing oxygen and storing coffee in pressurized pouches. By sealing the natural CO2 and aromas inside the pouch, our coffee maintains its fresh roasted flavor for 3 months or more.

Our coffee tastes even better knowing that each and every sip impacts the lives of those around the world.



When United Grounds Coffee Co. was born, we decided amazing coffee was only half the story. We wanted to change the world around us and we knew we couldn’t do it alone. Let’s unite people and countries together with one common cause, “To change the world one cup of coffee at a time.”

So, we got to work and others joined us. We strategically acquired properties in Honduras for processing and farming coffee and with enough land to build a future education center. This location allows us to give a helping hand to the small coffee farming community of San Luis Planes, Honduras. Back home here in the USA, we restored a building and created a world class roasting facility. The first floor is for coffee production and our nonprofit headquarters is on the second floor.

The coffee is growing and plans are being made to begin breaking ground on the education center and youth facilities. Together we can impact the local villagers. Whether you volunteer, simply drink our coffee, or help spread the word, we’re all united in this together.

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